"Gelecekte yaşanabilecek bir dünya savaşında nükleer silahların

kesinlikle kullanılacağı ve bu silahların insanlığın süregelen
varlığını tehdit etmekte olduğu gerçeğini göz önüne alarak;
hükümetleri, amaçlarının bir dünya savaşıyla gerçekleşemeyeceğini
farketmeye, bunu alenen onaylamaya ve aralarındaki anlaşmazlıkları
çözümleyecek barışçıl yollar bulmaya çağırıyoruz."

Max Born Percy W. Bridgman Albert Einstein Leopold Infeld Frederic Joliot-Curie
Herman J. Muller Linus Pauling Cecil F. Powell Joseph Rotblat Bertrand Russell Hideki Yukawa

They say “we are in a new era”. New, and quite different…
We always follow behind. But it is not always necessary to learn by going through the same paths or seeing by experience. But we want to walk through the same paths or they tell us to do so!

In an era when everybody says “another energy is possible”, at a time when all the countries with nuclear plants are trying to get rid of them, we still want it, stubbornly…

I want to glow in the dark at night.
Radioactivate me!!

We say “we are in a new era”. New, quite different…

We are, insistingly asking for it, while we are holding the keys of new technologies and of different energy sources in our hands. The thing that we want is not thinking about alternative energy sources, or discovering new ways of energy. What we want is IT !!

Excuse me, but what does your Geiger counter show?

Nobon says:

If these nuclear plants are on the way, then we want to cover them up.

// Pb3 //

If you are going to place them here, then here is the cover that we have designed for you.

So that you can make the plants function with their monumental and imprisoned desperation…


The technological advances of the atomic bomb has been tested (!!) and proved.

The summary of the proof has been published on atomic manifesto. The questions that had been raised by the proof were answered by Chernobyl.

The Turkish government and the supporters of the nuclear energy must have new questions then.

I do not want anybody to be the answer!