To see the similarities between the things, one have to go to the other and face it. It's impossible to understand the other from here which is belong to me, not to other. And once you are there where the other is, it might still be impossible to understand the other. One have to be the other to understand it. Men-woman, loving one-loved one, this city-that city etc.... If facing means “to be”, than one have to have mirrors to face. Mirror situations, people, occasions, places, things. Tools to be the other, so for you to be the other and so again; to be me!

But at the exact moment that you became the other, there is a problem again. you became the other and now it's also impossible to realize yourself.

To realize yourself with an inner scan done by yourself is impossible. You can only face with yourself by being the other, so the not you. If you became “the not you”, than it will be a contradiction, facing yourself which is not exist anymore from the moment that you turn to be the other.

So identities vanish. Or we have limitless identities. A constant change. We become us during the inbetween times! After the change starts and before it ends. So, during the change.

The true explanation of schizophrenic me!

me=you=the other=all=none