"It is good now, it looks good"

Yeni Haliç Metro Köprüsü hakkında, Galata Köprüsü'ndeki balıkçılarla röportaj yapmıştım. 
Bu FANZİN'in içeriği olsun diye. 


Who would you ask about the new metro bridge on golden horn if you won’t ask to the fishermen facing it from Galata Bridge and Unkapanı Bridge.
They were there before it; they were there while it was being built.
Now it is almost finished. And they are still there fishing as always and answer you if you ask from them any comments on the new metro bridge, they mostly say with an ignorant mood like one of them stated: “I don’t know if it’s good or bad, if it’s beautiful or not. I care only if we’ll have permission for fishing on that”.
Galata and Unkapanı Bridges on Golden Horn are two hot spots for amateur fishing around the Old City in Istanbul. Tens of fishing rods are staying next to each other. There is hardly one person distance in between. How they are not getting mingled is a mystery not only for tourists but also for natives!
We asked to some of the fishermen how they like the new bridge and also reminded them discussions about its height and blocking effect to the Süleymaniye and New Mosques and also the old palace. Here are some answers:

“It’s not opened yet but it will be good. It is good for transportation. It looks good. “

“We’ll get used to it. Think on how it was before and see how it is now. I come here often. The view of Sultan Ahmet and Hagia Sophie has been vanished, it is bad but it’s something belongs this moment. If there were something else before that, than it would be different. We are underdeveloped so we needed it. “

“Actually it has no harm for us, neither for fishing. Our view hasn’t been closed that much. It is European style; I saw similar stuff on TV. If it hadn’t had those columns, it wouldn’t be something different than the Galata Bridge. “

“It ruined the view. The old view has been vanished. It is still on construction. There is no movement yet; it is only a steel heap for now…It is high but boats need to pass under of it, it is a necessity, there are military area and shipyard behind of it, although it is not in use anymore. But in the future those areas will be definitely given to someone controversially.“

“It will be opened soon, it is a folding bridge. The older version was so bad. It looked almost like collapsing. (There was no bridge before that; wrong information) It is good now, it looks good… It has closed the view of Süleymaniye and New Mosque, that is true…Its station is in the middle of it, that closes the whole view.“

“We emigrated from Bulgaria, we used to read lots of books there. We were expecting an Istanbul not like this. We were expecting a historical city. When we came here, we disappointed. The heritage of Ottomans is under the invasion of modern architecture. Look there, there are old buildings in-between, and there, there are churches, it is impossible to see them. I used to have a shop around Beyazıt but I closed it. Since then I didn’t pass that area for eight years. Today I had to walk from there. There was a historical Ottoman bath, they turned into a hotel. Visitors from other countries come here and get disappointed, because they read the Constantinople but here now there is no history left. We must preserve the old city and build new stuff in the newer neighborhoods.”

“Now, my Brother, let me tell you something. If it is good for our country then it is good for all of us. We are all happy. It was necessary. It has to come out of the mountain. It didn’t affect us that much and the view is normal. There must be some kind of architectural calculations for its height. “