Urban Spy

Here is some notes and pictures on the workshop that I made in Gothenburg on monday. It was a part of a master course - Social Intervention @ HDK; aims to introduce the students to social design practices, interventionist methods and new roles for designers in situations of social change.

While designing for public with public "What critical is to invent special tools for contributors/participants (designers-artists...)  to allow them leak into the neighborhood and also create a visible or invisible call/trap/channel for locals to be a part of the process, consciously or unconsciously. 

How can we observe first to understand the area/neighborhood to invent indirect methods of idea collection/interaction?

Is an object suitable for the project (neighborhood/area) like newspaper or a sound recorder in disguise, or a built space like a speakers corner/ shop or more guerrilla actions, or processes?"
What (tool, space, process, product, person...) will work as URBAN SPY
1.fast observations on the site, collect some photos and videos to create a strong basis for ideas (use your previous experience in the site)
2. define a method of interaction (process, object, space, intervention...) and 
3. for the presentation make a built real material mock up model ( these will be quick sketches of ideas: Diagrams of processes/ cards/ newspapers/ posters/ models for design of a site, interiors (...) digital techniques are always welcomed) with role play presentation.

Site: Kvilletorget 
From course description - "This year the area/place is Kville on Hisingen, with the square Kvilletorget as the “centre of gravity”. On Kvilletorget there is a small shop-like space/office that belongs to an organization that connects the owners of the buildings in the area (called the FCH office below). The students will be able to use this space as a “head quarters” during the course"

 FCH office

Dialog net