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15/05/14 - 23/05/14

Open call for participation
This is the third in a series of work-group meetings that intersect questions of practice in both Architecture and the Arts. 

It is aimed at a wide range of practitioners, historians and theorists who will work together over nine-days in research through discussions, readings, happenings and practical sited proposals.

Participants will form a temporary university with a horizontal self-defining character.

This pedagogic platform has been implemented as a border territory that materialises the transition between both the theory/practice divide and the novice/initiate divide.

Though we hope that the closed system of state university systems will be pierced during the progression of the program.

The program is devised and presented by Cenk Dereli (Nobon) and Kelwin Palmer & Sam Basu (Treignac Projet).


The anthropocene indexes unfamiliar territories that, rather than offering new challenges for the design process to solve, destabilises the very possibility for linear design applications.

This nine-day workshop will examine the depth and impact that thinking architecture through the anthropocene might have for future architectural and arts practice.

It will seek to go beyond the attempted stabilizations that sustainability oriented architecture promises, in order to look at our current period of economic, political and ecological instability as an opportunity to re-figure architectural practice for uncertain futures.

Participants will work in a small team through presentations, site visits and group-working with concepts being collectively elaborated through the week, to deliver initial proposals applying the problematics of the anthropocene to physical sites.

There is no charge for the program but participants must look after their own expenses and accommodation.

Participants should as far as possible be available for the whole of the program.

Before 11/05/2014 Participants should send an e mail to nobon@nobon.net including following information:

name-surname; phone number, occupation, website (if there is any)

Venues for parties, screenings and seminars will be announced during the following days.

facebook event page is HERE