Olive Resistance!

During my last visit in Gothenburg, with Evren Uzer; we prepared an issue of a fanzine project of Evren, titled Micro Urban Geographic, MUG.

For this 8th issue of the zine, I proposed to produce something on the olive trees considering the fact that couple of weeks ago a mining company and the government of Turkey had been cut 6000 olive trees in a village to extend the mining area. Some of them were more than 100 years old trees and they were quite important for the villagers for economic reasons. Villagers had been protested and resisted against the company and the government but could not stop the upsetting result.

In this zine; we wanted to compare the actions of Israel government and Turkish government.
Both of them were acting against the inhabitants of the villagers by harming the olive trees!

One side of the A4 sized fanzine includes this comparison. On the other side of it you'll find Olive Brine Recipe ;) !