Last week, I was in Gothenburg again...
Each time it is a great pleasure for me to meet new people there. 
Last time, in May I conducted the workshop called URBAN SPY. Details can be found HERE
In that blog feed you'll find the context of the workshop in detail.

This time again with the invitation of Marcus Jahnke, I wanted to continue on that interventionist design methods context and conducted the workshop as a part of the Businness & Design Master Program, Design and Society course.

I really like these opportunities, because each time each workshop takes place not in the city center, in the university but somewhere outside the center and in a real space of contradictions and conflicts. 

This time we were in Angered, Angeredsgymnasiet. A big neighborhood school that has classes from the day care to high school. 

This time I asked from the contributors of the course to use the corridor in front of the class room and produce ideas on converting it into a space to collect design information, in a direct way or indirect way. 
While they are exploring the potentials of the space and possible approaches that they can bring in to the context; I tried to join their discussions with a provocative and dialog enhancing attitude. 
At the end of the 3,5 hours fast idea production and rapid prototyping, all groups discussed their ideas together and push ideas forward. 

What a motivating process was it! 
Thank you everybody and of course Marcus!