"we all bored now"

Here a scene from "my dinner with Andre", 1981 Louis Malle movie.
A long movie of a dinner conversation of two friends that have not seen eachother for a long time. definately real torture for people who seek for action in movies but a cool opportunity for the ones who loves movies with long mindful dialogs that make you think about everyday life, cities and ourselves...

Here Andre is talking about the neo-liberal programming of the cities and lives of people with the example of NewYork.

in this scene, escaping from the city is the focus of the conversation. The map leads to that escape has been represented by the pine tree seed but as we all know, we had already also colonized the rural with the energy investments, industrial farming and dreams on starting a city lifestyle kind of life out of the cities and bringing our latest consumption toys and habits without understanding the place.

of course there doesn't have to be a decision in between two choices. Dualism is not a necessity but the most difficult thing is to come up with an alternative in an awake state of mind that is basically not the contrary looking same thing that we want to oppose.