We created another Bantscape during a workshop in 11th National Interior Design Students Summit in Yasar Uni. with the participation of 11 students from Kocaeli Uni, İzzet Zaim Uni, Çukurova Üni, Mimar Sinan Üni, Yaşar Uni.

Check out the first BANTSPACE here. (2012)

The first half of the workshop was focused on creating a 16m2 space for any kind use by sketching. Then an interval was necessary to merge all these proposals and create a site plan. During the second half, participants applied their drawings on the floor  in 1/1 scale by using yellow PVC tape.

The aim of the workshop was to exercise on the creation of idea free flows in a collaborative process, investigate and invent  drawing representation techniques  and experience the transformation from scaleless drawing to real scale application. 

We will publish a non-distorted drone photograph when we get it.