the right to imagine what we want!

I am in a transition now, this is obvious.
Now, I am re-thinking my main domain of design and action, and more and more get involved in the field called "speculative design/speculative futures". This field of production ideas covers almost all my productions that seems irrelevant to eachother, when you don't want to create unexpected relations. Historical research on everyday life and representations of it (drawings, literature, movies...), trans-disciplinary future predictions to change today (politics, economy, technology, anthropology  etc.), social innovation and pro-active design ideas.

While digging deeper and deeper, and trying to find people and institutions that work in a way parallel to my ambitions, I find quite inspiring stuff!

This one is from attainable utopias!

The Right to Imagine What We Want
In 2001 Au founders, John Wood? and Andrew Carmichael (external link) met in London to discuss the future.
In reflecting upon previous millennia they became were puzzled by recent events.
Why had humanity failed to create any clear, positive 'vision' for the future?
Although we have never had so much access to so many resources, knowledge, and technology...
...our society was becoming increasingly pessimistic, alienated and cynical. Why?
In politics a vision-less brand of pragmatism was emerging in politics and industry.
Maybe this had turned voters and consumers into choosers and complainers, rather than dreamers.
If this analysis is correct the future looks bleak.
Without new dreams, humanity will become extinct.
This is why they coined the term ‘Attainable Utopias’.

So John Wood is also connected to Metadesign too.