Our self image confirmed by our most close relatives is the strongest shell that surrounds our creative potentials. This realization is only possible when we act outside of our regular habits. 

This summer I decided to paint a big surface without having a specific theme in mind. 
First I needed to create that surface to paint out of A4 size print papers. This required minutes of  characteristic opening sound of adhesive tape. Then, I brought the canvas in the garden to paint freely on the ground witout the doubts of spilling paint. 

The witnesses of this occasion, my grandparents looked at me so worried. Facing an act of mine regular production that is totally alien for them was a semi-shock. Proposals on more regular ways of painting stuff or questions like "is something wrong with you" or " are you bored" were the boundaries of my self-image. 

It was a great moment of realization how we shape our creative environment and how the environment created by our lives shapes our creativity.