Once upon a time in Amasra.
This was the model of my 6th semester architectural design studio project.
It was a "generic library" in Amasra, on the middle-north coast of Turkey.
Dated back: 2005
Tutor: Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu, TEGET

Ps: That was the semester that we got a studio with a key, for the first time during our studies.
Me and my friends, furnished this studio as a co-working space and started to spend most of our time there; working chit-chatting, drinking wine. Yes those were the years when no one was paying any attention who is drinking what in the universities. And the open hours of the building was quite flexible.

Bir zamanlar Amasra'da.
Mimari tasarım stüdyosu 6'ıncı yarıyıl maketim.
Amasra'da bir jenerik kütüphane projesiydi.